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2020 ECBA Leadership and Volunteer Opportunities



Your Leadership, Skills and Service are Needed for Board, Chairs and Committee Positions

“Self-Nominations for all Board Positions & Chair Positions are Welcome & Requested”

If your are interested in serving on any ECBA Committee, 
Providing Leadership as a Committee Chair, Committee Coordinator, Project Leader
or serving on the ECBA Board in 2020 contact Jim Harris, ECBA President.

Please email Jim Harris at   




Membership Committee:


2020 Membership Projects & Tasks

New Member Recruitment

New Membership Drive Projects

New Member Communications

New Member Orientation Projects

New Member Name Badges, Ribbons and Badge Reorders

New Member Guide & Gifts

(Guide, Padfolios, Proud Member Window Cling, Decal & Web Member Logo)

ECBA Expo Membership Table & Special Event Tables

Membership Renewal & Retention


                        2020 Membership Committee Chair:   Pam Oldaker (ECBA Board Position)

                        Committee Member:   John Parker

                        Committee Member:   Terry Bowser


Ambassadors Committee:


2020 Ambassadors Projects & Tasks

Guests & Visitors ECBA Event Welcoming

New Member Orientation Projects
Meal Ticket Collection
Door Prize & Giveaway Drawings
BA Events ~ Support as Needed


                        2020 Ambassador Committee Chair:  Dr. Dan Ruitenbeek  (ECBA Board Position)

                        Ambassador: ________________________________________________________

                        Ambassador: ________________________________________________________

                        Ambassador: ________________________________________________________

                        Ambassador: ________________________________________________________

                        Ambassador: ________________________________________________________

                        Ambassador: ________________________________________________________

                        Ambassador: ________________________________________________________


Communications Committee:                                                                                             


2020 Communications Projects & Tasks

ECBA Communications & Event Promotion Master Schedule


ECBA Website / ClubExpress  ~ Active Tabs & Pages ~ Content Management

     Home Page ~ All Upcoming Events & Association News

     About ~ President’s Letter, Membership Benefits, Leadership Opportunities,

                     Committees, Board Minutes

     Event Calendar ~ All ECBA Events & Registration Links

     Membership Center ~ Membership Directory, Member Logo Links, Member Spotlights,

                                                 Member Events Line-Up, Member Sign Up

     Sponsorship & Sponsors ~ Sponsorship Opportunities, ECBA Sponsors Logo Links

     ECBA Awards ~ Awards Information, Qualifications and Nomination Forms & Links

     ECBA Expo ~ Expo Information for Exhibitors & Networkers, Promotional Pictures & Posters

     East Cobb Events ~ Announcements & Advertisements about East Cobb Special Events

                                          ECBA Ribbon Cutting Event information with Guide & Scheduling Kit

     Community Outreach ~ ECBA Charities with Information, Volunteering & Donation Links 

     Videos ~ ECBA Event Video Archives & ECBA Promotional Videos

     Photos ~ ECBA Event Photo Albums

     Contact Us ~ Contacting ECBA Information


Social Media:  ECBA Facebook, ECBA LinkedIn, ECBA Twitter, & ECBA Instagram

                           ECON Facebook, ECON Meetup


Email ClubExpress ~ Event Promotion & Announcements

Email Constant Contact ~ Event Promotion & Announcements


Power Point Presentations ~ Creation & Technology Management

Table Toppers ~ ECBA Upcoming Event Flyers ~ Creation & Event Display


Photographer ~ Event Photo Albums

Videographer ~ Event Videos & ECBA Promotional Videos


Graphic Design ~ Logos, Flyers, Posters & Banners

Printing ~ Flyers, Posters, Banners, Ceremonial Checks, Stickers, Labels, Forms & Manuals 


Special Promotions ~ News Media, Advertising, Events, Public Relations


Writing/Copy: Announcements, Letters, Bios, Profiles, Event Reporting, etc.


                         2020 Communications Committee Chair:   Trenton Carson (ECBA Board Position)          
                         Communications Committee:    Jen Starks  
                         Communications Committee:    Wendy Parker
                       Communications Committee:   
Kes Stadler
                         Communications Committee:     Jim Fuhs

                         Communications Committee:     Jim Harris
                        Communications Committee:      Carter Eddings

                         Communications Committee: ______________________________________________

                         Communications Committee: ______________________________________________

Sponsorship Committee:


2020 Sponsorship Projects & Tasks

Annual ECBA Business Sponsorships ~ Recruitment & Solicitation

Individual ECBA Event Sponsors ~ Recruitment & Solicitation

Develop & Manage Event Schedule for Sponsors and Their Speaking Opportunities 

Oversee Sponsorship Payments, Invoices & Payment Tracking


                        2020 Sponsorship Committee Chair:  Open Chair Position (ECBA Board Position)                      
Sponsorship Committee: ______________________________________________

                        Sponsorship Committee: ______________________________________________

                        Sponsorship Committee: ______________________________________________                                    


Programs & Speakers Committee:


2020 Programs & Speakers Projects & Tasks

Business and/or Community Topic and/or Theme Selection

Program Format ~ Individual Speaker, Team, Panel Discussion or Debate 

Key Note Speaker Selection & Confirmation (11 Luncheons, 4 Community Breakfasts)

Educational Panel Selection, Guidance & Confirmation (4 Lunch & Learn)

Recruit & Schedule Speakers

Speaker Bios for Professional Introductions

Speaker Pictures, Images & Logos for Event Promotion

Key Note Speaker Gifts & Thank You Follow Up


                         2020 Programs & Speakers Committee Chair:   Rosan Hall (ECBA Board Position)

                         Programs & Speakers Committee:   Cynthia Rozzo
Programs & Speakers Committee:   Larry Zgrabik

                         Programs & Speakers Committee:   John Beville


Hospitality Committee:


2020 Hospitality Projects & Tasks

Event Venue Selection & Booking

Event Catering: Food, Drinks, Utensils, Ice, etc.

Event Set Up

Event Registration Lists

Event Check-In Table & Staffing

Event Fee Collection

Event Door Prizes & Giveaways Collection

Event Payment Reconciliation

Event Clean Up


                         2020 Hospitality Committee Chair:  Open Chair Position (ECBA Board Position)   

                         Hospitality Committee: Belinda Green

                         Hospitality Committee: ______________________________________________

                         Hospitality Committee: ______________________________________________


Community Outreach Committee:


2020 Community Outreach Projects & Tasks

ECBA Charity & Non-Profit Annual Support Budget Oversight

Charities & Non-Profits ~ Selection

Community Projects ~ Selection

Charity & Non-Profit Projects ~ Volunteers ~ Member Recruiting

Charity & Non-Profit Projects ~ Member Donations ~ Cash, Food, Diapers, Toys, Needed Supplies, etc.

Annual Education Partners ~ Selection ~ Usually 3 Local Schools ~
High School Interns ~                                                          

Shark Tank Competition ~


                         2020 Community Outreach Chair:  Nicole Newman (ECBA Board Position)
Community Outreach Committee: _________________________________________

                         Community Outreach Committee: _________________________________________         

                         Community Outreach Committee: _________________________________________


Ribbon Cutting Committee:


2020 Ribbon Cutting Projects & Tasks

Ribbon Cutting Event Scheduling

Ceremony Planning, Staging & Event Support

Ceremony Promotion & Member Attendance Campaign

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Kit (ECBA Scissors, ECBA Green Ribbon, ECBA Stanchions)
Pictures, Videos & Event Follow-Up Marketing


                    2020 Ribbon Cutting Committee Chair:   Jim Harris
              Ribbon Cutting Committee:   Bob Cooke

                    Ribbon Cutting Committee: _______________________________________________

                    Ribbon Cutting Committee: _______________________________________________

                    Ribbon Cutting Committee: _______________________________________________

Membership Awards Committee:


2020 Awards Committee Projects & Tasks

ECBA Member Award(s) to be Presented 

Award Qualifications, Criteria & Selection Process & Timelines Defined

Nomination Solicitations & Collection

Nominees ~ Candidate Review ~ Selection 

Award Winner(s) ~ Ceremony Planning & Presentation   

Awards & Certificates ~ Order & Delivery

Winners ~ Follow up Promotion & Marketing Support


                         2020 Membership Awards Committee Chair:   Jim Harris
                         Awards Committee:   Josh Erickson 

                         Awards Committee:   Leslie Taylor
                         Awards Committee:   Brian Kramer

                         Awards Committee: _______________________________________________________

Expo Planning & Implementation Support Committee:


2020 Expo Planning & Implementation Committee Projects & Tasks

Expo Planning & Budgeting

Venue Selection & Catering Decisions

Expo Grand Prizes and ECBA Door Prizes - Selection

Expo Promotional Schedule ~ Website ~ Social Media ~ Emails ~ Networking Events

Exhibitors ~ Solicitation & Registration

Exhibitor Instructions & Recommendations

Networker Attendance Promotion ~ Registration

Expo Flyers, Posters, Banners, etc.

Expo Table Logistics & Set Up

Expo Registration Table & Raffle Tickets

Expo Venue Clean Up

Expo Final Accounting


                         2020 Expo Committee Chair:    Jim Harris (ECBA Board Position)

                         Expo Support Committee:  Pam Oldaker 

                         Expo Support Committee:  Jen Starks

                         Expo Support Committee:  Carter Eddings

                         Expo Support Committee: ________________________________________________                    

                         Expo Support Committee: ________________________________________________

ECBA Public Safety Events Committee:


2020 ECBA Public Safety Committee Projects & Tasks
Annual Fire Fighters Banquet
nnual Police Officers Banquet
lic Safety Week Events
First Responders Lunches
ublic Safety Sponsor & Donors

Event Staffing & Support

Door Prizes & Giveaways


                         2020 ECBA Public Safety Committee Chair:   Susan Hampton  (ECBA Board Position)

                         ECBA Public Safety Coordinator: ___________________________________________

                         ECBA Public Safety Committee: ____________________________________________

                         ECBA Public Safety Committee: ____________________________________________

                         ECBA Public Safety Committee: ____________________________________________


 2020 ECBA President:   Jim Harris, MRFC®     (Position Opens 2021 for a 2 Year Term)

 2020 ECBA Vice President / President-Elect:   Brian Kramer  (Position Opens 2021 for a 1 or 2 Year Term)

2020 ECBA Secretary:   Josh Erickson              (Position Opens 2021 for a 2 Year Term)

2020 ECBA Treasurer:  Leslie Taylor                (Position Opens 2021 for a 2 Year Term)

All Other Board & Committee Chair Positions are a 1 Year Calendar Term


Contact Jim Harris if you are interested in serving on an ECBA committee 
or want to volunteer your skills in any particular capacity
provide your leadership as a committee chair
or serve on the ECBA board in 2020.

Please email Jim Harris at  
or call him with your questions at his office. 770-578-3555 

2020 East Cobb Business Association Board & Committee Chairs


President:  Jim Harris, MRFC®   Money Concepts Wealth Management    Ph: 770-578-3555



Vice President / President Elect:  Brian Kramer   Business Innovation Team   


Secretary:  Josh Erickson     Erickson Technical



Treasurer:  Leslie Taylor     Leslie Taylor & Associates                          



Strategic Planning Committee:  Brian Kramer   Business Innovation Team   

Speaker & Program Chair: 
Rosan Hall     Atlanta Communities



Sponsorship Chair:  Open Position


Community Outreach Chair:  Nicole Newman     Credit Union of Georgia


Public Safety Events Chair:  Susan Hampton     Cobb County Public Safety Foundation



Communication Chair:  Trenton Carson     TC Productions



Membership Chair:  Pam Oldaker     Atlanta Communities   



Ambassadors Chair:  Dr. Dan Ruitenbeek.     Explore Chiropractic 



Hospitality Chair:   Open Position

ECON Chair:   Jim Harris, MRFC®   Money Concepts Wealth Management  



Expo Chair:   Jim Harris, MRFC®   Money Concepts Wealth Management  



Membership Awards Chair:  Jim Harris, MRFC®   Money Concepts Wealth Management  


East Cobb Business Association
P.O.Box 70814
Marietta, GA 30007