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Ralston Medouze   (#481)   

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Smyrna, GA
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Strive Academics
2400 Herodian Way

Suite 220

Smyrna, GA  

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I began tutoring professionally in 2011 as one of Emory University’s  Arabic tutors, working with groups of students after class to refine their understanding of the material. I began tutoring privately tutoring students in Math, English, and Latin shortly after while working on refining myown knowledge of new and old concepts alike. Since 2011, I have helped hundreds of students achieve their academic goals in over 50 core subjects, foreign languages, and test prep.

I founded Strive Academics as a way to provide students with tutoring that caters to their unique strengths and challenges. While learning programs have their own merit, I believe that tutors should adjust to meet the students’ needs and tailor lessons based on student and parent feedback. One of the things that I find fun about learning is seeing how subjects connect to the real world. This is one of my greatest strengths as a tutor. I always look for ways to tie students' interests and real-world examples into my lessons. Students find learning much more interesting when I start pointing out the links between what they're learning in class and their passions. In my spare time, I have also worked with early childhood education programs like Jumpstart and have volunteered my time to tutor for other non-profits in the Atlanta area.

Tutors at Strive Academics share my passion for education and are lifelong learners themselves. Tutors in my company help students with over 50 core subjects, foreign languages, and test prep. I seek out tutors who are very personable and patient and can work with any kind of student. You may hear laughter during sessions because we make sure that learning is not only incredibly informative but fun as well. As a result, students really enjoy tutoring sessions and see significant increases in their performance. We all care about getting involved in the community too as we believe (and research has shown) that working with the community plays a huge role in the impact of students' education.